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The Coqs Festifs is a rugby club & gay friendly folk of Paris. It has existed since 2006 and was founded by Gilles, also creator of the first parisian gay team.


Our club welcomes players of all backgrounds: beginners, advanced, gay, french, bi, foreign, breton, straight, basque, catalan, then from everywhere... We are primarily a group of friends and wish to discover rugby, share the values and culture that goes with it.


Come join us !

The main training takes place on a training ground to PERSHING stage the Bois de Vincennes in Paris every Saturday morning from 10:00 to 12:00. To contact us, use the following link.

The Coqs Festifs are bound by shared by all members of the club as friendship, solidarity, brotherhood, respect, tolerance, sharing and love of sport, rugby values. The sports association has this year fifty members to update their subscription. Around twenty is present at each entraîement.


Profiles are diverse and consist of players aged 20 to 49, beginners, advanced or experienced. The majority of players are gay but straight represent a quarter of the workforce.


Considered one of the most physically demanding sports, rugby can develop many aspects: its practice requires repeated efforts of strength, speed and endurance. The biggest challenge facing the player, whether beginner or experienced, is having to synchronize difficult gestures together to reflect on the appropriateness of the action taken.

Clearly, many of us would not dare start a rugby club exclusively heterosexual. For some it was an opportunity to discover the collective combat sport and contact. Practicing, learning, many have found on the ground, and grew even reached a good level. Which suggests that in the end, playing rugby is not a matter of sexuality but a matter of envy and fighting sports.

The club has of course already played several matches against other teams folk. We won and lost several others as any team. Rugby is a sport also feel our team gay friendly also allows players to be as they are on and off the field.


The club wanted to pay the greatest attention to new players who fit the team, especially beginners, assuming it is not easy to start a contact sport with many rules, a priori rather complex and within a group in the eyes of others ...

Former Wallabies player John Eales said about Bingham Cup: “It’s always disappointing to hear stories of people who don’t play sports because they fear discrimination.”

“There is no room for homophobia or any other exclusionary behaviour in sports or any other part of society. Sports can and must lead society and be welcoming for everyone. I’m sure that by holding historic events like this, and taking other steps to publicly support gay people, we can help eradicate homophobia and discrimination in sport.”

The Coqs Festifs are members of IGRAB.

International  Gay Rugby Association and Board
International Gay Rugby Association and Board

IGRAB is the International Gay Rugby Association and Board – an organisation of member clubs providing opportunities for members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community (LGBT) to compete in rugby through tolerant and accepting clubs and teams, both primarily LGBT and LGBT-friendly and by eliminating homophobia in rugby through community outreach, competitive play and tournament events that stand for tolerance and acceptance in sports.


IGRAB also works with the rugby governing bodies and other partner organisations worldwide to improve tolerance and acceptance of LGBT athletes at all levels of the sport of rugby, ensuring that no individual shall be excluded from participating in rugby on the basis of sexual orientation or identification.


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